Sevier County B Roads

Road Name Recorded Road File Suplemented  
Annabella Waterline Road   RD210070  
Axtell Road   RD210016  
Bear Valley Road 1036d   RD210037  
Berkley Anderson Road   RD210045  
Between Joseph/Monroe Road 1026d   RD210084  
Between Joseph/Monroe Road 1028d   RD210085  
Black Knoll Road   RD210063  
Burrville Cutoff to Highway 24   RD210021  
Burrville Road   RD210030  
Daniels Canyon Road   RD210020  
Dog Valley Road   RD210002  
Durfees East Cutoff Road   RD210043  
Durfees West Cutoff Road   RD210044  
East of South Grass Valley    RD210022  
Fish Hatchery Road   RD210067  
Fishlake Dugway Road   RD210019  
Frog Flat Road   RD210058  
Grass Valley Cutoff 403ga   RD210029  
Grass Valley Loop 403gb   RD210027  
Grass Valley Loop 403gc   RD210028  
Grass Valley Road 403g   RD210026  
Hepplers Pond Road   RD210066  
Hidden Valley Mine Road   RD210012  
Iron Cap Road   RD210077  
Jimmy Crane Road   RD210009  
Joe Town Pit Road   RD210074  
Jones Dairy Road /Vaca Lane    RD210078  
Koosharem to Monroe    RD210024  
Last Chance Cutoff Road   RD210004  
Last Chance Desert Spur Road   RD210005  
Last Chance Road   RD210001  
Link Canyon Road   RD210010  
Lost Creek Road   RD210047  
Lost Creek to Rex Reservoir Road   RD210018  
Mormon Peak Road 1066d   RD210040  
Mormon Peak Road 1067d   RD210038  
Mormon Peak Road 1069d   RD210034  
Mormon Peak Road 1070d   RD210033  
Mormon Peak Road 1071d   RD210035  
Mormon Peak Road 1071da   RD210036  
Northwest of Aurora Road   RD210052  
Northwest to North Cedar Ridge Canyon Road   RD210060  
Off Jones Dairy Road   RD210083  
Oil Well Road   RD210006  
Poverty Flat Road 1025d   RD210080  
Poverty Flat Road 1027da   RD210089  
Poverty Flat Road 1029d   RD210088  
Poverty Flat Road 1030d   RD210086  
Poverty Flat Road 1032d   RD210087  
Poverty Flat Road 1033d   RD210090  
Poverty Flat Road 1034d   RD210081  
Poverty Flat Road 1035d   RD210091  
Poverty Flat Road 1035da   RD210094  
Poverty Flat Road 1035db   RD210093  
Poverty Flat Road 1037d   RD210092  
Poverty Flat Road 1038d   RD210096  
Poverty Flat Road 1039d, 83p   RD210082  
Poverty Flat Road 1041db   RD210095  
Poverty Flat/Bertleson Road   RD210075  
Powerline/Durfees Road   RD210042  
Quitchupah Road   RD210011  
Red Schoolhouse Road   RD210023  
Ross Lane Cutoff Road   RD210079  
Sage Flat Road   RD210046  
Salina County Frontage Road   RD210008  
Sauls Meadow/Hansen Cove Mountain Road   RD210039  
Sauls Meadow/Maple Creek Road   RD210069  
Sheldon Lane Road   RD210076  
Sierra Vista Road   RD210073  
Slaughterhouse Road   RD210017  
South of Willow Patch-Bell Road   RD210041  
South to Church Farm Road   RD210062  
Southeast Annabella Waterline Road   RD210071  
Southfield Road   RD210013  
Thompson Basin Road   RD210072  
Upper Canal Road Off Bresee Road   RD210064  
Upper Cathedral Valley Road   RD210007  
Upper Johnson Livestock Road   RD210050  
Upper Johnson Livestock Road   RD210049  
Upper Redmond Lake Road   RD210055  
Upper Sheep Lane   RD210054  
West and Southwest of Aurora   RD210051  
West of Frog Flat/Red Canyon Road   RD210059  
West of Koosharem Cemetery   RD210025  
West of Sapp Road North of Wilson   RD210048  
West Side of Koosharem Reservoir Road   RD210031  
West to South Cedar Ridge Canyon Road   RD210061  
West Willowcreek Cutoff Road   RD210056  
West Willowcreek Road   RD210057  
Willow Springs Overlook Road   RD210003  
Willowcreek Road   RD210014  
Willowcreek South Road   RD210015